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Landscape Committee: Yard of the Season + More


Yard of the Season

The Landscaping Committee is pleased to announce the Yard of The Season contest for the following Holidays and Seasons:

  • Halloween
  • Christmas/Winter Holidays
  • Winter Season
  • Spring Season
  • Summer Season
  • Fall Season (starting 2016)


  1. A Yard of the Season winner will be chosen from each section in Fall Creek.
  2. Winners get recognition in Leaves of Fall Creek and a sign to display in their yard.
  3. Judging committee will be comprised of neighbors, but no one will judge their own section.
  4. Judges will consider the overall appearance and use of color in bedding for the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter seasons.
  5. Eligibility: residents can win only once in a 12-month period.
  6. Be mindful of the Architectural Review Committee Requirements for Fall Creek.

Please contact the Landscaping Committee at landscape@fallcreeklife.com if you would like to be on the judging committee or if you have any questions. We cannot wait to see the results!



A seasonal change means it is necessary to readjust your irrigation system for the cooler months ahead. You can program your irrigation system to run once or twice a week or better yet, turn the system off and run it manually when needed based on the amount of rain and temperature. Overwatering leads to many problems from excessive insects, fungus and stunted plant growth to name a few. Fall Creek is 110 acres of irrigated common land so it helps tremendously if residents could take a moment to report issues like broken sprinklers or excessive water on the Planned Community Management, Inc. (PCMI) website. Under the “Contact Us” tab choose “Common Area Repair Request”.  You can find a link to more watering tips on the FallCreekLife.com website on the Landscape Committee tab.

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