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Parks & Trails Committee

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The Fall Creek Parks & Trails Committee is made up of the following members: Emily Trevino (Chair), Sara Varvarigos Bouchoutsos, Brett Sileo (WCID 96), and Bill Diehl.



The Parks & Trails Committee is concerned with the general oversight and enhancement of Fall Creek’s parks and trail system.


When & Where

The Committee usually meets monthly at the Fall Creek Clubhouse, located at 7930 Fall Creek Bend.


How can I get involved or get in touch with the committee?

Please contact Sara at parksandtrails@fallcreeklife.com.


Parks & Trails Master Plan Concept

The Fall Creek Parks & Trails Committee is collaborating with WCID 96 in order to create a 10-year Parks & Trails Master Plan for Fall Creek. To this end, the Committee has been reaching out to various partners in our community to solicit feedback for the Master Plan. These partners include the Landscape, Pool, Crimewatch and Social committees, Fall Creek Elementary, Friends of Fall Creek Park, the Golf Club of Houston, MUD 49, and the Green’s Bayou Corridor Coalition. We are also eager to receive feedback from Fall Creek residents, so please take a look at our concept and let us know what you think!






The Parks & Trails Master Plan Concept aims to engage Fall Creek residents and visitors as they navigate our community’s unique and exciting trail network. A distinctive wayfinding system will direct users along the trails and highlight various attractions within our community. The addition of special signage and educational elements will further enhance the interactive nature of the trail experience.

The trail itself is composed of several segments, which are named according to their characteristic elements.


The Butterfly Trail

The Butterfly Trail runs along Mesa Dr and is named for the Butterfly/Pollinator gardens that will be located along this trail. These gardens will provide increased habitats for Monarch Butterflies and Hummingbirds to thrive in, which will in turn allow Fall Creek Elementary students and Fall Creek residents increased opportunities to observe and learn about urban wildlife. This trail is primarily composed of existing sidewalk, however, the Master Plan Concept proposes a new trail extension on the south side of Mesa, between the intersection of Redstone Bend/Mesa, linking over to Fall Creek Elementary and the existing trail extending from Maple Creek over to The Enclave (Pool #2). This proposed trail, if combined with a designated crosswalk in front of the school, and/or a crosswalk at the entry  to Laurel Oaks, would allow students and residents traveling by foot or bicycle to cross Mesa safely on their way to and from the school or the park.


Butterfly Trail Attractions:

1. A Botanical Garden located within the Main Park on Mesa Dr and Fall Creek Bend, which will include various pollinator plants and native Texas plants. These plants will be catalogued and identified by name in order to allow visitors to easily identify them during Field Trips or leisurely strolls.

2. A Butterfly Garden at Fall Creek Elementary, to facilitate observation of Urban Wildlife and outdoor learning experiences for the students.

3. A Butterfly Garden at The Enclave (Pool #2), to provide additional habitats for resident Monarch Butterfly and Hummingbird populations.


The Rainwater Trail

The Rainwater Trail is a proposed hike and bike trail located along the length of the northern bank of the drainage canal that runs between Mesa Dr and Wilson Rd, with another access point located along Bellows Falls Ln. This trail is named after the rainwater that is collected and transported along the drainage canal. This trail will provide residents with an off-road biking route if they wish to cycle to the Sports Complex or over to the parks or school located along Mesa Dr. The main attraction of this trail is described below.


Rainwater Trail Attraction:

An Urban Forest located at the entry/exit point of the Rainwater Trail along Mesa Dr. This Urban Forest will include a small rest stop with informative and educational signage, which will identify and describe the urban wildlife and plant species that live in this forest.


The Sports Complex Trail

The Sports Complex Trail is a proposed hike and bike trail that begins at the access road leading to the Sports Complex (Redstone View Dr, off of Wilson Rd), and extends over to the existing trail within the Sports Complex itself, making its way over to two different loops, each roughly a mile long, running along Green’s and Garner’s Bayous. This will allow users to gain access to expanded recreational opportunities and natural environments around the Sports Complex. The main attractions of this trail are described below.


Sports Complex Trail Attractions:

1. A Splash Pad that will allow visitors to cool down during the warm summer months.

2. A Bayou Observation Hill overlooking Green’s Bayou. The proposed hill will feature a spiral path making its way to the top of the hill, and a shaded rest stop at the top of the hill, featuring a 360-degree view of Green’s Bayou and the Sports Complex. From this vantage point, visitors will have an excellent view of the wildlife and natural areas along the Bayou.

3. A Canoe launch and fishing platform located along the bank of Green’s Bayou. The Canoe launch would tie in with the Green’s Bayou Corridor Coalition’s Paddle Trail Plan.

4. A Butterfly and Sensory garden that will allow visitors to observe and experience the garden with all of their senses.

5. An observation deck and information center that will highlight the Green’s Bayou Wetland Mitigation Bank, which is owned and operated by the Harris County Flood Control District. The Mitigation Bank exists as a permanent nature preserve and constructed wetland facility, in order to compensate for the habitat loss and wetland destruction that occurs whenever new construction takes place in Harris County. The Bank provides important wildlife habitat, flood control and water quality improvements in the Houston area, and thus is an important educational element of the trail.


The Fall Creek Trail

The Fall Creek Trail is a proposed segment of trail running alongside the creek that flows below the bridge on Mesa Dr.  This segment of trail would be accessible along Mesa Dr, with another access point within Maple Creek and another proposed access point through a Utility Corridor. This trail will allow visitors to observe the natural elements and the wildlife along the creek, and could provide Fall Creek Elementary students with additional outdoor learning experiences. The trail would potentially extend its way over to several detention basins that are located in proximity to the creek. The main attraction of this trail is described below.


Fall Creek Trail Attraction:

A Fishing Deck extending from the bank of the creek or alongside the detention basins.


The Exercise Station Trail

The Exercise Station Trail will be accessible with community badges only. This segment of the trail is composed mainly of the existing trail within the Greenbelt located in Rustling Oaks, with an additional proposed trail extension leading to an access point along Mesa Dr. The main attraction of this trail is described below.


The Exercise Station Trail Attraction:

Exercise stations installed alongside the trail, in order to allow residents the option of engaging in outdoor circuit training, as a complement to the existing indoor Fitness Center Facilities that are currently located within the Clubhouse.