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Halloween Preparation Security Tips


As we prepare for Halloween next week, please keep these security tips from the Crime Watch Committee in mind:

  • Keep car doors locked and hide belongings! 100+ non-residents will see what you keep in your car if it’s parked in the driveway.
  • Do not park at The Clubhouse at Fall Creek or pool parking lot on Halloween. These are less supervised areas. In previous years, cars parked side-by-side in Fall Creek have had their hoods either run across (jumping from hood to hood) or have had this “prank” performed:
    • “Put’em In A Coffin” (falling on hood) prank:

  • Drivers are looking at costumes, crowds, etc., not necessarily at the road.
  • Kids – CAUTION! Keep a safe distance from moving cars.
  • Driveway lighting: LIGHT THEM UP EVERY NIGHT! Dark driveways are a target.

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  • Even if you normally park in the street or have guests over, park everyone in your driveway.
  • Set a table up on the sidewalk with your neighbors, if you don’t want 100+ non-residents seeing inside your house.
  • Trim your hedges to expose your house number so deputies or emergency vehicles can find you more quickly. Precious seconds/minutes could make a big difference!

Stay tuned for additional security tips each month.

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