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Green’s Bayou Tributary (P-133)


P-133 is a natural stream that flows through the southwest side of Fall Creek. This stream not only serves the community, but also serves a large area north and west of the community. As development occurred in Fall Creek and upstream of the community, the flow regime in the stream has changed, thus causing erosion along several stretches of the stream.

Harris County Water Control and Improvement District No. 96 (WCID) recognized the erosion issue and applied for a U.S. Army Corp of Engineers permit (received in 2009). Since this time, USACE, HCWCID 96, Harris County Flood Control District, Harris County, and the HOA have been working to address the erosion. Repairs to the stream have not been made to date, because of three major aspects:

The cost to repair the eroded stream is very high, the various public entities have provided differing opinions on the repair method, and ownership and/or rights of the property in which the stream is located.

Erosion, if not mitigated, will worsen overtime will have impacts on land adjacent to the stream. Over the past couple of years, the property owner’s adjacent to the stream in Fall Creek have noticed the banks of the stream moving closer and closer to their property. The concern is that if the erosion is not mitigated, their land may become part of the stream, which can have significant impact to property values. In addition to property loss, there is other infrastructure that crosses this stream, and the loss of infrastructure can add to the cost of the repair.

HCWCID 96 and HOA representatives recently met with our Harris County Commissioner to discuss the issue and determine what the County may be able to do to assist us with this project. Harris County has agreed to study this area to determine if there is a solution that is sustainable both from a design and funding standpoint.

We are seeking your signature on a petition to be presented to the elected officials of Harris County Commissioner’s Court. The petition will be available to sign at The Clubhouse at Fall Creek, 7930 Fall Creek Bend, near the main pool.

We will continue to keep the residents of the community up-to-date on the progress that is made on the project that affects the entire community. If you have any questions regarding the project, please feel free to contact the Harris County WCID 96 Board, the HOA Board, or newly formed HOA Committee that is chaired by Tom Jackson.