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Q. When are homeowner dues payable and where do I send my payment?

A. The last date for dues to be accepted and considered “on time” is January 29 of each new year.  You can mail dues to the address below:

Fall Creek
c/o Spectrum Association Management
17319 San Pedro
Suite 318
San Antonio, TX  78232



Q. What do I need to be able to use the pools?

A. Every Fall Creek resident over the age of 12 who desires to use the pool must have a Fall Creek Photo ID Badge. Please click HERE for instructions on how to obtain an ID Badge.

Q. Can I check to see if my Photo ID Badge is working prior to the season?

A. The Fall Creek tennis courts and adjacent restrooms are currently accessed via the Photo ID Badge system. Attempting to access those amenities will provide residents an opportunity to verify badge functionality.

Q. Does Aquatic Advisors offer swimming lessons?

A. Yes. Please visit the website at www.aquaticadvisors.net to sign up.

Q. Can I take swim lessons from a private swim instructor at the Fall Creek pools?

A. Yes, only at Pool 2, Monday through Friday, from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM.  However, before beginning swim lessons, the private swim instructor must execute the HOA’s Facilities Use Agreement, provide the HOA proof of insurance as required by the HOA, and obtain the HOA’s prior written approval.  Note that the HOA has partnered with Aquatic Advisors to provide quality swim lessons, which are also conducted only at Pool 2, Monday through Friday between 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM.  If you have a concern regarding the quality of the lessons, please contact the HOA.

Q. What hours are the pools open?

A. See the Pool Schedule.

Q. How do I find out if the pool is closed due to weather, and when it is scheduled to re-open?

A. Updates to pool conditions will be posted on the homepage of FallCreekLife.com via the @fallcreekpools Twitter account:

The pool is closed due to weather when a pool services company staff member hears thunder and/or sees lightning from inside the pool fence.  The pool will reopen no more than 30 minutes after the last thunder or lightning occurrence.  If the skies are clear immediately after the thunder is heard (blue skies overhead with a storm nearby), the pool will reopen 15 minutes after the last occurrence.  These precautions are taken in accordance with the American Red Cross lifeguard training procedures and follow guidelines set forth by the National Lightning Safety Institute.  A sign will also be posted at the facility when it is closed due to weather.

Q. What happens when there are known bodily fluids incident in the pool?

A. The pool services company follows all Texas Department of State Health Services and Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines for handling, controlling, and containing bodily fluids.  Depending on the amount of fluids, level of exposure, and type of fluids involved, the pool may be closed for 30 minutes to 24 hours.  In these situations, the required closure time will end after the contamination is safely removed from the water.

The most common occurrence of bodily fluids entering the pool is a swimmer experiencing a minor “spit up” event or a brief nose bleed.  In these cases, the chemicals already in the water will safely handle any reasonable exposure risks.  However, if chemical levels are in question, the pool will be cleared.

For more significant events, the pool may be closed for 30 to 120 minutes while chemical adjustments are made and clean-up is completed.  The length of time depends on the chlorine residual in the water at the time of the incident.

In rare cases, an incident may cause the pool to be closed for the remainder of the day and possibly some portion of the following day.  It may take more than 13 hours to safely treat the pool (and ensure pool safety) after a chlorine-resistant bacterial contamination.

Many events may be caused by the failure of certain swimmers to use disposable and/or permanent swim diapers.  Fecal contamination will result in an immediate pool closure.  Residents can help prevent this cost and inconvenience by using swim diapers when appropriate.

A banner will be displayed on www.fallcreeklife.com, and a sign will be posted on the pool gates, regarding the anticipated duration of any pool closure.

Q. Who should I contact regarding issues with the pool conditions, lifeguards, etc.?

A. All pool issues should be reported to Aquatic Advisors (www.aquaticadvisors.net/contact or 713-609-9489).  For additional assistance, issues should be reported to Spectrum, via the email address or phone number listed on fallcreeklife.com, with a copy to the pool committee (pool@fallcreeklife.com).

Q. How many guests can I bring to the pool?

A. Each resident address is allowed to bring in up to five (5) guests at no charge, and up to five (5) additional guests using guest passes.

Residents must purchase a guest pass for each additional guest (i.e., the 6th guest to the 10th guest).  Guest passes are $4.00 each and can be ordered online and picked up at the Clubhouse at Fall Creek.  Each guest pass can be used by a single person for a single day. Note that cash will not be accepted for guest passes. Guest passes will not be made available for purchase at the pool itself.

If a resident intends to patron the pool in a group of eleven (11) or more people (inclusive of residents and non-resident guests), the resident must schedule and pay for a pool party through the pool services company.

Residents cannot circumvent the guest-pass or pool-party rules by colluding to each bring 5 (or less) guests for a single gathering at a pool.

Q. How do I buy pool guest passes?

A. Guest passes can be ordered online for $4.00 each via the Spectrum website at https://www.spectrumam.com/guest-pool-cards/

Once payment is made, a receipt will be emailed with instructions regarding pickup at the Clubhouse at Fall Creek.

Guest passes will not be available for purchase or pick up at the pool.

Q. Can I have a party at the pool?

A. Yes. See Section 5 of the Pool Policies to learn more about pool party guidelines.

Q. Rather than schedule a pool party with Aquatic Advisors, why can’t multiple Fall Creek residents just each bring in 5 guests?

A. Lifeguards are placed at the pool in accordance with the anticipated number of individuals in attendance.  Large groups of people require additional lifeguards to be scheduled to maintain safe conditions.

Q. Why is it considered a party when 11 or more Fall Creek residents attend the pool together?

A. Lifeguards are placed at the pool in accordance with the anticipated number of individuals in attendance.  Unanticipated large groups of people require additional lifeguards to be scheduled to maintain safe conditions. This requires advance notice and generates additional costs.

Q. Why does Pool 1 close during swim meets?

A. The swim team is viewed as a function that adds value to the neighborhood with an average of several hundred Fall Creek resident youth participating each year.  Pool 1 is used for these events for only a portion of 3 days per season, during which time Pool 2 is open for use so that residents may still enjoy their neighborhood amenities.

Fitness Center

Q. Is there a time limit for machines?

A. Residents and guests are asked to limit their time on machines to 30 minutes when other residents are in the fitness center.

Q. Are children allowed in the fitness center?

A. Please see the Fitness Center page for age-based restrictions.

 Q. Who do I contact regarding maintenance in the fitness center?

A. The Clubhouse Director, Monday – Friday.

 Q. What types of equipment are in the Fitness Center?

A. Treadmills, ellipticals, stationery bikes, free weights and weight machines.

 Q. Is there a fee to access the Fitness Center?

A. No, residents’ annual assessment fee covers the fitness center.

 Q. Are there any classes offered?

A. No.

 Q. How can an instructor begin offering classes at the Fitness Center?

A. Personal trainers are not allowed.

The Clubhouse at Fall Creek

Q. Can I rent The Clubhouse at Fall Creek for a private party?

A. No, not at this time.  Sometime in the future the building will become rentable by residents for private parties.  Certain steps still need to be taken to get the building ready.  In the meantime, residents can rent the outdoor pavilion at the Sports Complex for parties.


Q. How do I obtain a key or additional keys for my mailbox?

A. The Humble Post Office issues mailbox keys.  Bring your closing documents, along with your driver’s license/ID.  Humble Post Office, 1202 1st Street E., Humble, TX 77338; (800) 275-8777

Q. My street’s mailbox is broken, who do I contact?

A. Mailboxes are U.S. Government property.  Report any damage in need of repair to the Humble Post Office (281) 540-1775.

The Park on Mesa Road and Fall Creek Bend

Q. Can I reserve the pavilion behind The Clubhouse at Fall Creek?

A. Not at this time.

Q. Can I use this pavilion for a party?

A. Yes, however there are no reservations for this pavilion.  Private use is strictly on a first-come, first-serve basis.  No moonwalks or petting zoos are allowed.  Please clean up the small pavilion area and park according to your party use.


Q. I’ve heard to have a security system in your home, you must have a permit, is that correct?

A. Yes, alarm permits are required. You can find more information, along with the permit application here.

Q. I’ve seen people with a Fall Creek decal on their car, what are they used for? How do I get one?

A. The decals are available at The Clubhouse at Fall Creek.  To obtain one, you will be asked to show your Texas Driver’s License or other ID showing your Fall Creek address.

The decal is observed by Sheriff officers during the Shell Houston Open at the checkpoints in tournament traffic to identify residents and allow them through without questioning. The decals are removable and can be put back onto the card backing that it comes on.  During the Shell Houston Open the decal should be placed on the driver’s side of the front windshield where your other stickers are at.

Q. Who do I report suspicious activity to?

A. If an actual crime is in progress, call 911 immediately!  For anything that looks suspicious contact the Harris County Sheriff Non-Emergency at (713)221-6000 and be ready to provide as much information as possible.

Q. Can the HOA gate the community, and if so, what steps would need to be taken by the HOA?

A. The short answer is no, and we will explain why.

The neighborhood was originally planned as a master planned community with public streets, with the exception of Fairway Crossing and Serrano Creek. The community is located in unincorporated Harris County (HC) and is within the City of Houston’s (COH) Extra Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ). Since the community is located within the COH ETJ, the COH has review authority for platting. The COH platting criteria is setup to promote mobility, and HC has also adopted the same rules and criteria. When planning a community, the Developer, COH, and HC all review the general plan for the community and initially address mobility and connectivity.

If there are any major thoroughfares planned in the community, both the COH and HC require that the Developer include connection points for this thoroughfares. The current Major Thoroughfare Plan (MTP) for the COH and HC includes three major thoroughfares in the community, Mesa, Wilson, and Aldine Bender (http://www.houstontx.gov/planning/mobility/MTFPMap/MTFP_MAP_2015.pdf ). Now just because they are on the map, does not necessarily mean that they will get constructed any time soon, but it does mean that the COH and HC want the ability to connect them in the future.

This brings up issue number one regarding gating the community. If the community wanted to gate the major thoroughfares, then the community would have to have the MTP modified, and would have to get a variance from the COH to their planning requirements. While there is a process to do this, these variances would be difficult to get.

So, let’s assume that we do not want to gate the thoroughfares, and just the other streets. The first issue that is created is the cost associated with physically installing the gates. This would mean that instead of 5 entrance gates (Mesa, Bellow Falls, Wilson, Fall Creek View, and Fall Creek Reserve), there would be 15 entrance gates (Amber Wood, Piney Point, Pine Grove, Laurel Oaks, Redstone Bend (2), Rose Creek, Fall Creek Bend (3), Soaring Pines, Shadow Brook, Bellow Falls, Water Crest, Heather Glen, Fall Creek View, and Fall Creek Preserve).

If somehow the HOA were to be able to gain the funds necessary to install the 15 gates, the next funding issue is the streets. Currently, HC is responsible for the maintenance of the streets, but if the streets were gated, the County would no longer pay for this. The current cost of concrete pavement replacement is approximately $15,000 per lot, and if we were to assume that the pavement would last for 30 years; this means that each homeowner would need to pay approximately $500 per year in addition to their normal assessments. This estimate does not include inflation, and so most likely would be more than the $500 per year.

Again, if somehow the HOA were to be able to convince the members to accept a 50% increase in dues, there are still additional hurdles. In order to make the street private, and “take” them away from the County, the HOA would need to file replats for each individual plat in the community. This is approximately 30 plats that make up the community, and each one (except Serrano Creek and Fairway Crossing plats) of them would have to be modified. If we assume that the surveying cost to prepare the replats along with the platting fees was $25,000, then the initial cost for just the platting would be $450,000, or roughly a $300 per homeowner in a special assessment.

The replatting process is the most difficult hurdle of all of the hurdles in the process. Each plat would have to have 100% participation in the process. If one property owner does not sign the plat, then the replat will not move forward. In the assumption above regarding 15 entrance gates, this is assuming a number of villages would not have a gate, and so if one of the replats fail, this could dramatically impact the number of gates. In addition to having each property owner approve the plat, each lienholder would also have to sign the plat. This means that every person with a mortgage would have to have their bank sign-off on the plat. Additionally, HC will not allow a plat to be recorded unless all property taxes have been paid to all taxing jurisdictions. This means that if one property owner within the plat is delinquent on their taxes, then the plat cannot be recorded. I am not sure about the school taxes and HC taxes, but I know that HCWCID 96 and HCMUD 49 have property owners that have not paid their taxes, so this would have to be addressed.

In summary, technically, it is possible to gate the community, but the likelihood is so slim, that it would be better for us to spend the HOA money on more reasonable ways.

Thank you,

Board of Directors
Fall Creek HOA

Sports Complex

Q. How do I reserve a space at the sports complex?

A. Fill out the reservation form found here and submit it along with payment to The Clubhouse at Fall Creek. Once the reservation form and payment are received, it will be put on the online schedule.

Q. How do I ensure that no one else will be in the space I reserved when I arrive?

A. Feel free to print out the online schedule for the email confirmation sent from the recreation director and show any residents using the space that you have reserved it for that date and time.

Q. Are moon bounces allowed?

A. Yes.

Q. Can I bring my own tables and chairs to the pavilion during my reservation time?

A. Yes.

Q. Am I allowed to bring alcohol to the sports complex?

A. No, alcoholic beverages are only allowed during specific HOA sanctioned events such as May Music Nights.

Q. I’ve heard that the Water District owns the Sports Complex, is that right?

A.  Yes.

Q. I’ve also heard that the Water District rents/leases the sports complex to other businesses.  If the businesses are using the sports complex, are residents allowed to use it at the same time?

A. Any business that profits from the use of the sports complex is under contract with the water district. This includes Camp Gladiator for their fitness classes, JC Sports Houston for their baseball and soccer lessons, and Hot Shot Soccer Skills Academy for their soccer games.

At no time when an area is used for one of these businesses, is the rest of the complex not available for residents to use. The businesses are treated just as any other resident that reserves an area of the complex. It is a reservation for that specific area only, they pay to use the space and have full control over the area during the time they have reserved. These rights and rules apply to anyone that makes an official reservation through the recreation director at the Info Center and pays to use the space for a designated date and time, not the entire complex.

Updating My Home

Q. What do I need to do if I want to add a gate, storage shed, pool, paint the exterior of my house, etc.?

A. Complete the Architectural Modification Request Form and submit any additional supportive documents, according to the guidelines, for the property change/addition. The completed form, along with supporting documentation may be submitted to:

Spectrum Association Management
16690 Park Row
Houston, TX 77084

The ACC committee has up to 30 days to review applications; however, the average turnaround time is 1-2 weeks.