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DCP Southern Hills Pipeline Maintenance

Dear Landowner:

DCP Midstream is the owner and operator of the 20″ Southern Hills pipeline from Mont Belvieu, Texas, to Liberal, Kansas, a portion of which is located near your property.

DCP is currently doing some work in your area to replace a portion of the line due to bank erosion issues resulting from the recent storms. As a part of this maintenance project, we will be flaring the pipeline to remove the product beginning Monday, December 11, and should be completed by Saturday, December 16.

The flaring is a controlled burn, and we have notified the local fire department to make them aware of the matter. We anticipation all repairs being completed by Friday, December 22, and will keep you notified of any changes to that schedule.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mike Patton at (713) 735-3723 or mpatton@dcpmidstream.com.

Thank you for your cooperation with this project, which is very important for DCP’s continued pipeline safety.

Yours truly,

Mike Patton
ROW Area Specialist

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