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Crime Watch Security Tips


Please read through these security tips from our Neighborhood Crime Watch Committee and take care of any that you can:

1. Add Glass Break Sensor for downstairs bedroom(s) and master bath. They’re cheap and necessary! If your bedroom window is broken, other glass break sensors won’t hear it and the alarm won’t be tripped.

2. Thieves are targeting jewelry, so consider purchasing a safe. Bolt it down or screw it into a wall stud. You might consider this model, the SentrySafe X055, which is selling for $64 on Amazon right now.

3. Take pictures or write down the serial numbers of your expensive/precious goods and store them on a thumb drive above your kitchen cabinet. Keep the TV or radio on while you’re gone.

4. Call your alarm company to set up a new “panic code.”

5. Call in ANY suspicious activity to 713-221-6000 (press 2). As long as deputies are checking out reported suspicious activity, they won’t be going outside Fall Creek. (The contracted 70/30 on some deputies might be 90/10 in reality if we report enough activity.)

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