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Crime Watch – 5 Security Tips


Below are 5 quick security tips to help protect your home. For a full list from our Crime Watch Committee, click HERE.

  • LOCK your garages, cars, and don’t leave valuables in plain sight. Don’t make us an easy target.
  • If you see a neighbor’s garage open late, let them know.
  • Talk to your alarm company about setting up a Distress Code, and about wiring your detached garage.
    • Distress Code silences alarm, but call still goes out to law enforcement, with 911 priority.
  • Prevent false alarms at house
    • Over 60 this month. These take up valuable time from deputies, when they could be patrolling or working Actual alarms/issues.
  • If you’re awake late at night, look out your front window and report anything suspicious.
    • This is how the last burglar got caught!

HCSO Deputies on Contract: NON-EMERGENCY # FOR DISPATCH: 713-221-6000, Option 6

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